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J. Wilson Wins Wynkoop Brewing Co.’s 2012 Beerdrinker Of The Year

Wynkoop Brewing Co., Colorado’s first brewpub out of Denver anoints J. Wilson “Beerdrinker Of The Year”.  Upon discovering that such a title existed, a void was immediately created in my soul.  Read on:

All About Beer Magazine » J. Wilson Wins Wynkoop Brewing Co.’s 2012 Beerdrinker Of The Year.


Will Starbucks Do for Craft Beer What it Did for Gourmet Coffee?

Oh, please no!

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

It’s fun to bash Starbucks as a symbol of yuppiedom and paying too much for something that you can get for less down the street, but there’s little denying that they put gourmet coffee on the map in America.

Look no further than the grocery store, typically the last place that latches onto a trend. Before Starbucks, the selection in the coffee aisle was pretty pedestrian.  Now the Starbucks-propelled enthusiasm for high-grade jet fuel has trickled down to my local Stop n’ Shop, where I can (thankfully) get a bag of Peet’s Major Dickason’s blend any time I want.  A few years ago, I would’ve had to fly to San Francisco to get my hands on any.  That’s progress in my book.

In 2010, Starbucks began to play with the idea of serving craft beer and wine.  They started out in Seattle, expanded to Portland (where practically everything but the…

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Dogfish Head’s Sam Calogione as well as some recent beer gossip

Check out this link to a Better Beer Authority interview with the founder of Dogfish Head.

Sam talks about the Beer Advocate stir up in January, that involved some bashing of DFH, Sam Adams, and some other “over-rated” breweries.  My quick thoughts on that, in case you missed it:  the “Beer Advocates” doing the bashing were basically targeting the high costs being charged by breweries who are presumably large enough to undersell other craft breweries.  Jim Koch, owner of Sam Adams released a statement called “The Paradox of Popularity“, where he justifies the higher costs being due to the use of increasingly better ingredients, better quality, etc.  Kind of like the slogan for Papa Johns pizza…  Anyway, I mostly agree, but I prefer the simpler method of how Sam Calogione relates it to the wine industry.  Like, I’d rather pay $13 for a beer scientifically reconstructed from a far away time and place – or from ingredients I had previously never known existed – than for an average bottle of wine.  That’s just me, though.

Also, Sam will be the new Chairman of the Brewer’s Association Board of Directors.  So for the next two years, the beer world is bound to get a lot more interesting.

Longmont-based Oskar Blues going back home to launch new distillery – Boulder Daily Camera

(Full Spread)

Looks like Oskar Blues, pioneer of the craft beer canning method is heading back to where it all began to start canning spirits?  Although this won’t be the first time this particular distribution method has been accomplished, it’s still strange enough to talk about, coming from Oskar Blues.  At least personally, hard liquor in place of beer in cans really sparks the imagination.  Agave moonshine bongs at parties…  Shotgunning tall boys of oak-aged honey whiskey…

Anyway, back to beer – and more coffee for me.


The Hunt Is On (Almost): New Belgium’s Upcoming Scavenger Hunts

Oh, and it’s on skis.  On mountains!  The proceeds go to a lot of really good benefits.  And there will be lots of beer.  Check out their blog site to find out when and where.

New Belgium Brewing Blog You like beer and skiing right?.

Enter Deschutes Brewery’s “Red Chair Sweepstakes”

You can enter the aforementioned drawing for a chance to win a sweet weekend getaway or some other cool prizes from one of my favorite breweries.  Must be 21 to enter, etc.  Just click tbe image below to check it out.


GABF Winners – Colorado

This year’s Great American Beer Festival champs from the Centennial State.  If only this were a menu…

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