Will Starbucks Do for Craft Beer What it Did for Gourmet Coffee?

Oh, please no!

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

It’s fun to bash Starbucks as a symbol of yuppiedom and paying too much for something that you can get for less down the street, but there’s little denying that they put gourmet coffee on the map in America.

Look no further than the grocery store, typically the last place that latches onto a trend. Before Starbucks, the selection in the coffee aisle was pretty pedestrian.  Now the Starbucks-propelled enthusiasm for high-grade jet fuel has trickled down to my local Stop n’ Shop, where I can (thankfully) get a bag of Peet’s Major Dickason’s blend any time I want.  A few years ago, I would’ve had to fly to San Francisco to get my hands on any.  That’s progress in my book.

In 2010, Starbucks began to play with the idea of serving craft beer and wine.  They started out in Seattle, expanded to Portland (where practically everything but the…

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