Beyond TODAY: Three Flavors Notes that Make a Good Beer Go Bad

Genius.  Jim from identifies some commonly found off-putting flavors in otherwise very well-made beers. I could not agree more – especially with the metallic taste.  Tip:  don’t drink beer out of mason jars. 

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

Beyond TODAY is an extension of our weekly column for the TODAY Show food blog. Over there, I talk about how an off flavor ruined my last chance with a very highly regarded beer. Over here, we’re looking at other flavors that make a good beer taste bad (at least to me).   Click here to check out Today’s Bites food blog.

I hate it when this happens – you’re taking a sip of a well made and a highly-regarded beer, when a flavor note leaps out at you and spoils the whole experience.  From that moment forward, that flavor is all you can taste; it sits there like an 800 pound gorilla, pummeling the other nuances of the beer into the background.  All you get is a mouthful of monkey.

Over many years of beer geekery, I have identified a few of these flavor fouling louts. I know that…

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