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I’m 26 years old and have been passionate about beer ever since I was 21 and discovered that, luckily, all beer doesn’t taste like Bud Light and Keystone.  The years that followed were spent in the Air Force, where I learned what the rest of the world’s beer tastes like, thanks to frequenting this magical place in England called Beers of Europe (it’s unbelievable – watch their Youtube video).  I also did a lot of travelling and started doing some home brewing.  All of which and more, led me to the great state of Colorado after leaving the military in early 2011.  As some would say, Colorado is the “Napa Valley of Beer”.  I have to agree, hands down, as I am continually impressed – not only with the quality and taste of the beers I come across, but also with the ingenuity and extraordinarily bold methods involved.  But of course, it doesn’t stop here.  I continuously find new favorites from all of the breweries I’m now able to get my hands on, which range in origin from Hawaii to Texas.  And it doesn’t hurt that I now work in one of northern Colorado’s best liquor stores, World Beverage, which provides me with the time to sit around and talk about beer.  So, that’s what this blog is about:  all the beer – and questionably relevant beer knowledge that I can get my hands on to share with the rest of the world.  In essence, this is my way of connecting with things I truly care about.  Cheers.

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