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Ponder Hopper – Thronbridge Odell Brewing Collaboration Beer (video)

A good watch!  (click here)


Beer makes men smarter: study – NY Daily News

Beer makes men smarter: study – NY Daily News.

I knew it!  Usually, however, I am overly intoxicated when I make such proclamations.  Men everywhere owe the University of Illinois a beer for this one!


Beyond TODAY: Three Flavors Notes that Make a Good Beer Go Bad

Genius.  Jim from identifies some commonly found off-putting flavors in otherwise very well-made beers. I could not agree more – especially with the metallic taste.  Tip:  don’t drink beer out of mason jars. 

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

Beyond TODAY is an extension of our weekly column for the TODAY Show food blog. Over there, I talk about how an off flavor ruined my last chance with a very highly regarded beer. Over here, we’re looking at other flavors that make a good beer taste bad (at least to me).   Click here to check out Today’s Bites food blog.

I hate it when this happens – you’re taking a sip of a well made and a highly-regarded beer, when a flavor note leaps out at you and spoils the whole experience.  From that moment forward, that flavor is all you can taste; it sits there like an 800 pound gorilla, pummeling the other nuances of the beer into the background.  All you get is a mouthful of monkey.

Over many years of beer geekery, I have identified a few of these flavor fouling louts. I know that…

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And…put those votes in today!

You could win this fancy shmancy kegerator – and raise some money for charity, to boot!


DRAFT Beer Bracket Contest 2012

Voting starts tomorrow!  Winner gets a kegerator and $1000 toward their charity of choice.

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Nitro Milk Stout is Everywhere!

For those of you who love Left Hand’s Nitro Milk Stout, out of Longmont Colorado, this tasty brew is making the rounds from here to NYC and some major places in between with scheduled promotional tastings.  Now you can save the $10 – and the guilt of lying to the post office about trying to mail beer, and tell your distant friends and family where they can go to try it themselves.  For a full list of dates and locations, go to Left Hand’s website or check out their blog.

John Hickenloop: Brewer’s Champion…and Future VP?

John Hickenloop, the current Governor of Colorado and a founding member of Wynkoop Brewing Co. in Denver, CO, has made huge contributions both to the brewing industry and to the city of Denver’s LoDo (lower downtown) region.  Word has it that he may be a candidate for the next vice presidency.  Once politicians start buying us beer to vote for them, I’ll take it a bit more seriously.  Hmmm… did I just come up with the best campaign idea since pre-prohibition?

Anyway, here’s a quirky little slideshow outlining how he got to where he is today.

And just for good measure, here’s a separate article by the NY Times about how awesome the Denver craft brewing scene has become – no doubt, due in large to the early efforts of Hickenloop.

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Twisted Pine Sacred Spice Chai Porter debuts Saturday |

New and delicious-sounding beer from Boulder, CO’s Twisted Pine.  Check out the link for more information.  I want!

Twisted Pine Sacred Spice Chai Porter debuts Saturday |

Beyond TODAY: Why Craft Beer is Better for You Than Milk

Sometimes it’s good to be lactose intolerant.

Beer & Whiskey Brothers

Beyond TODAY is an extension of our weekly column for the TODAY Show food blog. Here we’ll look at the same subject from another angle, which will likely be far geekier. This edition is from the archives, all about the nutritional goodness in craft beer.  Click here to see our latest TODAY Show post.

About a year ago, I ran across the work of Clyde Soles, who is a photographer, author, mountain climber and a fella who generally feasts on life.   He has literally written the book on how to train to be your best at the grueling sport of mountain climbing.

A big part of this is nutrition – fueling your body for success.  Many dedicated athletes are nuts about nutrition, as they only want to fill their body with the things that will help them achieve their goals.  In his research on sports nutrition, Clyde came to…

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